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Work Management allows legal teams to go beyond just managing matters and take a more holistic approach to manage their work. The work completed within the legal department goes way beyond just legal matters. There’s so much information that flows into and out of the department without being formally promoted to a “legal matter,” and just as it’s important to track every line item of every invoice, it’s equally important to track all the work performed in the department.

CounselLink® gives you the ability to collect, organize, track, audit, and report

on all the work your legal department delivers, helping to better manage your internal workload and drive better outcomes for the entire organization.


Legal Request provides a central source for work intake with custom fields allowing you to collect information that is specific to your legal department’s needs.


With a configurable homepage, you can focus on what is most important to you, and a central document repository allows you to organize your documents in a folder structure.


Work Tasks help you manage deadlines and monitor compliance to processes while Budgets help you to plan your legal spend and realize savings.


Audit trails help you evaluate whether your law firms and internal staff are completing work with due dates and eliminate circumvention of organizational business rules.


Over 80 standard reports help you analyze your work while custom reports give you the flexibility to organize and present your data according to your business needs.

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Help your legal department better manage their work through improved efficiency, effectiveness, and performance with Work Management.

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