Most legal departments have data. Lots of it.
Most legal departments don’t have a plan to realize the benefits of all that data.

Measure. Discern. Prioritize. Predict. Manage.

Uncertain how to use your data to demonstrate the value of the legal department? It’s time for CounselLink Analytics. Expert data-driven consulting to help establish metrics, analyze and interpret trends, predict upcoming expense levels, and recommend actions to be taken.

Now, a resource to tap into the value of your data.


Leverage the power of CounselLink Analytics to answer the hard questions… with hard data

What metrics are most important for my General Counsel to see?
What areas of best practice do we already have?
Which matters are deviating from typical patterns? What is the cause?
Am I paying fair prices for work done by my five primary law firms?
Where are my best opportunities for AFAs?
Which of my vendors help me predict and manage costs?



Rely on the expertise of LexisNexis consultants

Our consulting team is the best in the industry. Look to CounselLink Analytics for proven ability.

  • Our Strategic Consulting team averages over 19 years of legal industry experience
  • Best practices in alternative fee structures from over 10 years of managing and supporting AFAs
  • Data mining expertise that efficiently transforms data into knowledge
  • Finance experience in forecasting and budgeting
  • Establishing strategic plans
  • Change management support
  • Coaching and training


Meet the Director of Analytic Consulting for LexisNexis CounselLink, Kris Satkunas
As Director of Analytic Consulting at LexisNexis, Kris leads the Corporate Counsel Strategic Consulting team’s efforts to advise corporate legal department managers on improving operations with data driven decisions. Areas of expertise include benchmarking, practice area metrics and scorecards, matter pricing and staffing, profitability and cost management.

Kris has helped many law departments develop and execute on pricing strategies, assess and select vendors, and select departmental performance metrics. The projects she leads result in cost savings, cost predictability, transparency of departmental results, and process efficiencies. Prior to joining the CounselLink Strategic Consulting team, Kris honed her legal industry knowledge by advising and consulting with leaders in large law firms. As Director of the Redwood Think Tank, she partnered with a group of industry thought leaders to develop advances in analytics and best practices that improve law firm performance. Kris has authored numerous articles and speaks
regularly at legal industry conferences and events.

Kris can be reached directly at



Select the offering that meets your specific needs

  • Cost management opportunities
  • Alternative fee arrangement recommendations
  • Custom comparables analysis (benchmarking)
  • Establishing a matter forecasting process
  • Custom data analysis projects to meet specific business goals


Obtain tangible, actionable findings

  • Reports and other analytic output to be used for analysis
  • Executive summary with consultant recommendations
  • On-site presentation of the consultants’ recommendations
  • On-site training including analytic best practices