CounselLink Packages

CounselLink offers flexible plans to fit the diverse needs of corporate legal departments from different industries operating environments, staffing levels, and geographies. You choose the right capabilities for your operations and get a proven solution at a predictable cost.

Create Your CounselLink Solution in 3 Simple Steps:

Your Module

Matter Management

Keep productivity high and focused on favorable outcomes


Comprehensive, unique solution that aligns with enterprise demands

  • Industry best practice and unlimited configurable matter templates
  • Standard and unlimited configurable business rules to validate matter data
  • Access for power users to premium support to address more complicated requests
  • Auditable trail of matter activity
  • Multiple integration options, including single sign-on and Service of Process
  • Support to help fine tune application settings post implementation
  • Shared environment to preview new releases
  • Technical consulting hours to assist with business expansion and CounselLink configurations
  • Custom reports and dashboards
  • Unlimited user-defined data fields
  • Participation in our customer advisory board
  • Named CounselLink support consultant to act as a liaison for all CounselLink related issues
  • Dedicated preview session on new release functionality for major releases upon request

Core Capabilities

  • Robust legal spend management including e-Billing, Budgeting, Alternative Fee Arrangements, Cost Allocation, Time Keeper Rate Approval, Billing Guideline Management, and more
  • Outside counsel and vendor collaboration via secure sharing of matters, documents, financial details, calendars, and contacts
  • SmartReview® rules engine that automatically reviews, validates, flags, and adjusts line-item invoice charges to comply with billing guidelines
  • Matter management functionality to quickly access, monitor, and track matters from start to finish
  • Matter budgeting features with alerts and thresholds that notify legal department of budget status
  • $30 billion legal spend benchmarking database to compare law firm rates and performance
  • Integration with Microsoft® Outlook
  • Configurable matter and invoice templates and workflow
    • System configuration support tailored to preferences
    • 24/7 support for corporate legal departments and their law firms
    • Ongoing training, education, and networking opportunities
    • Optional Strategic Consultant services to help legal departments advance their operations and achieve their goals