Gain 100% Visibility And A Powerful Vantage Point Over Your Matters

Track and manage legal matters from creation to resolution and ensure your legal department’s mission-critical work results in the best outcomes.

Gain 100% visibility and a powerful vantage point over your matters

Track and manage legal matters from creation to resolution and ensure your legal department’s mission critical work results in the best outcomes.

Smart Integration

Integration with Microsoft Outlook allows you to manage matters and capture key information without ever leaving your inbox.

Central Control

Capture and access all matter information and case file data including journaling, calendars, notes and documents, all in one system. Quickly understand a matter’s associated spend, and more; or look across matters to understand relationships and larger overall trends.

Effective Collaboration

Align strategies, monitor compliance and easily collaborate with outside counsel and internal stakeholders to improve decision-making and outcomes.

Exactly What You Need For A Performance Advantage
Immediate Information Access Quickly find all the matter details you need in one centralized and easy-to-use system
Greater Insights Take timely action and mitigate risks with complete access to 100% of matter information and your entire case portfolio
Effective Collaboration Transparently share information and real-time updates with outside counsel and corporate stakeholders
Operational Efficiency Increase productivity and predictability with more control over staff assignments, matter tracking, outside counsel and status reports
More Engagement Faster adoption by attorneys and staff when tools work the way they do and familiar interfaces, like Microsoft Office, are used
Better Results Standard reports and dashboards to help you reduce costs and risks, while improving productivity and matter management processes
Tangible Savings On average, CounselLink Matter Management customers achieve 8-10% annual savings in internal legal spend

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With CounselLink, our matters, supporting documents, and results are easily reviewed by our general counsel and all attorneys, regardless of where they are traveling, without having to make a phone call.”

Brenda K. Simmons
Certified Paralegal, PP, PLS,
NR, Brasfield & Gorrie, L.L.C.

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