Maintaining Compliance And Mitigating Risk – Made Easy

Safeguard your company from unnecessary risk and exposure. Create, maintain and enforce a legal hold process that withstands legal scrutiny.

Maintaining compliance and mitigating risk – made easy

Get the best Legal Spend Management solution available powered by a sophisticated rules engine that automatically adjusts charges to match your billing guidelines.

Simplify & Automate

all the time-consuming process steps to identify, notify, remind and communicate with document custodians.

Preserve & Create

an auditable record of contacts, notifications, acknowledgements and responses from start to finish to validate compliance.

Integrate Activities

with matter management capabilities for complete visibility into all matters and hold details in one location.

Maintain Control

of legal hold activity by leveraging tools and templates for creating customized communications, surveys, reports and web pages.

Streamline And Manage A Critical And Complex Process
Gather Compile and prepare accurate custodian and contact manager lists by integrating with HR systems
Notify Create written hold notifications that reach the right parties inside and outside your company
Track Record and log custodian acknowledgments for compliance and audit validation
Remind Automate follow-up communications and retention reminders to occur on a scheduled or ad hoc basis
Survey Build customized legal hold surveys and reports
Protect Avoid unnecessary risks associated with non-compliance

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Scott Rowe
General Counsel
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